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(updated 18 June 2016)

20 Meter Loggi
I first chose to look at creating a Loggi for the 20 meter Amateur band.  After a quick look at available large commercial 20 meter Yagis, I chose the M2 20M6 Yagi as my "standard" to compare to. My first attempt produced an 8-element Loggi on a 65 foot boom which produced 11.2 dBi peak gain and over 25 dB F/R across the 14.0-14.35 MHz band.  My second attempt produced a 7-element Loggi on a 56 foot boom with 11.27 dBi peak gain, more than 11.0 dBi from 14.0-14.35 MHz and 26 dB F/R (peak) and more than 22 dB F/R across the band.  I first optimized the design in NEC2 with linear-taper elements, then converted these to a standard element-taper based on Hy-Gain 20 meter diameters.  The tapered-diameter design was simulated in NEC 4.1.  The plots are shown below. Here is the NEC2 file. I can supply a NEC4 file upon request.

LP14-7 layout diagram


gain and F-b
LP14-7 Gain (dBi) and F/B and F/R

az pattern
LP14-7 azimuth pattern at 14.150 MHz

elevation pattern
LP14-7 elevation pattern at 14.150 MHz

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